It can be very tempting to unwind with a glass of wine or beer on an evening. But it’s all too easy for that to become a daily habit and to forget how your units are mounting up. We might joke about the walk of shame to the recycling bin, but the underlying fact is that it’s not doing our health any good.

There are many benefits to avoiding that evening drink becoming an everyday thing. As well as making the most of hangover-free days and feeling more alive and alert the next day, you can look forward to better health, better skin, more energy, a smaller waistline and more money.

Taking some time off or even just drinking a bit less, can be a great way of breaking ingrained habits. Fancy giving it a go? Here are some suggestions to help

Don't buy in bulk.

If you keep a large stock of alcohol in the house, you'll be more tempted to reach for a drink. Why not de-stock and only buy for the occasions you are drinking.

Change your mindset.

Often that evening glass of wine or beer is viewed as a reward after a hard day, but when the odd treat turns into a daily routine, it can be harder to break the habit.

Identify the times you’re more likely to be reaching for that glass of wine. Instead of thinking about unwinding with a drink, think about how good it feels not to have one. Think about that good night’s sleep you can look forward to and how much less sluggish you’ll feel in the morning. Create other relaxing situations for yourself, such as having a bath, having a walk or watching a film.

Switching your mindset so you don’t feel like you need that glass of wine to relax can be a positive first step to cutting back.

Have alternative drinks you enjoy.

It’s easier to reach for a drink if the other alternative is tap water! So make sure you have some tempting non-alcoholic options in the fridge.

It’s worth finding a non-alcoholic alternative drink to look forward to on an evening. Apple juice, or a warming mug of hot blackcurrant or hot chocolate will really help to relax your body and mind after a long day.

If you still fancy the taste of wine or beer without the hangover, why not invest in a non-alcoholic alternative? There are a wide range of alcohol-free wines available to buy from many retailers.

Many beers and wines have got stronger over the past few years - if you do still want to have a drink it might be worth finding one with a lower alcohol volume.

Replace alcohol with other treats.

Instead of buying wine, try different treats like ingredients to make a nice meal or even treating yourself to a film you really want to watch. If you do pick up a bottle of wine, make it a lower alcohol alternative, so you’re not consuming as many units.

Share your ideas

Have you got any more hints and tips on how to avoid pouring that first drink? We’d love to hear them! Join in and share any other ideas you have with us on Facebook or Twitter.




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