Here are some ways that can help manage your alcohol consumption

Try Dry - Tips, Tricks, Calories and Savings

You can download the Try Dry app to help you track your time off drinking. And the best news? It's free.

Download the free app to help you meet your goals at any time of the year (not just Dry January), cut down on your drinking, or go alcohol-free.

  • Track your units, calories and money saved when you cut down or cut out alcohol
  • Understand your drinking pattern and track your progress by using the 'My charts' feature to see how much money you spend, units you drink and calories you consume over a time period.
  • Use the health quiz to check up on your drinking.
  • Keep track of your current and best ever dry streaks.
  • Use the app for Dry January and beyond.
  • Keep an accurate record of whether you drank each day to show you just how far you've come in your month, and get an idea of how much you've saved as a result.

Visit the Try Dry website or their Facebook page.

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More support

If you are concerned about how much you, or someone you know, drinks, there’s lots of help out there. You can speak to your GP, find your local alcohol support service or contact:

Drinkline Freephone: 0300 123 1110
Alcoholics Anonymous: 0845 769 7555

Medical warning

If you have physical withdrawal symptoms (shaking, sweating or feelings of anxiety until you have your first drink of the day) you should take medical advice before stopping completely – it can be dangerous to do this too quickly and without proper advice and support.

Speak to your GP or call Drinkline free on 0300 123 1110 for more advice.


Track your units, calories and money saved during Dry January,
and set your own goals for cutting down year-round.

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